About TErO

TErO is a brand name of newly created waterproof boards, produced in Poland. By using the modern technology TErO boards are really waterproof , so it can be used not only in the wet condition, but also directly for in-water applications.

TErO boards are:

  • Fully water resistant (for a very long period of time)
  • Tough, light and portable
  • For use in wet or dry conditions

Waterproof TErO board is designed for use indoors and outdoors in wet and dry conditions. It is ideal for places like a building site, construction material, waterproof floors, also in the all kind of specialized vehicles, industrial furniture, and many other applications.

TErO board obtain all Polish certificates and thereof could be distributed and used within all EU.

TErO board are available at any dimension no bigger than 2,2 x 1,2 meter.

For enquiries please contact:

PMP Recykl Ltd.
ul. Sandomierska 270
27-440 Ćmielów
Tel. / fax +48 41 247 13 15
Mobile:  +48 537 552 250
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